Wear BLACK for PALESTINE (UPM Serdang, 29/3/2012) click SHARE


In conjunction with the Malaysian Global March to Jerusalem on 30/3/2012 (http://www.facebook.com/events/274912942589517/), we as a group of UPM students who are aware of the Palestinian plight have decided to express our support and solidarity for the Palestinians by putting on our black attire on the 29/3/2012. 

We are INVITING ALL UPM Serdang students to join us on that date (29/3/2012) in solidarity with the Palestinians. Wear BLACK, show your SUPPORT and make a STAND.

DETAILS on the initiative

1. What?: Wear BLACK* attire (i.e. T-shirt, Pants, Cap, Scarf, Kopiah, Tudung, …)

*P/S: It would be best if there is Palestine-based designs on the attire. But, if you only have a black shirt (for instance), it is fine.

2. Where?: ALL OVER UPM Serdang (i.e. at your residential college, faculty, tutorial rooms, labs, ladang …)

3. When?: 29/3/2012 – 8AM to 5PM

WHY we do it?

1. The Israeli Zionist regime aggression on the Palestinians has been going on for a long period of time (since 1948 – until present day), and the britality have to end immediately.

2. By putting on our black attire, we are hoping that we can spread the awareness among UPM students about the issue surrounding the Palestine-Israel conflict.

3. We are trying to create a community of students who are aware of what is happening throughout the world, in addition to excellent academic and co-curricular performance.

WHO can get involved?

1. We, the students of UPM
2. Staffs
3. People aorund UPM (i.e. SS, flat ikan …)

HOW we can help?

1. SHARE this event with your FACEBOOK friends
2. SHARE this event with your friends (i.e. at college, coursemates, clubmates, …)
3. TALK with your friends about the Palestinian issue.
4. Give out fliers/brochures/cut-outs (or anything) regarding with the issue with your friends

What are the BENEFITS?

1. Be part of the global citizen who are aware of the current situation in Palestine.
2. It is an added value for us students to know something about what is happening in the world (i.e. Palestine-Israel conflict).

WHO are the organizers?

No one can claim to champion the Palestinian issue as it is an issue of humanity. Thus, it is UP TO US to be part of it. WE are the movement. The event administrators are just a minute part of the initiative.

LEARN more about what can we do, here:

1. Aqsa Syarif ( http://www.facebook.com/aqsa.syarif / www.aqsasyarif.org.my/)
2. Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) ( http://www.facebook.com/vivapalestinamalaysia / http://www.vivapalestina-my.org/)